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I reached 30k hits! Yay! :happybounce: 

Thank you everyone, especially those who supported me.

So, let's check out some stats:

30,130 pageviews 
209 watchers
Most of my stuff were posted on 
Thursday O_o 

The deviation with the most comments is Pearl with 26 comments.
Pearl by xxRapeKxx

Most favourited one is
 Watching, with 225 favourites. 
Watching by xxRapeKxx

The most viewed deviation is
 Baltic with 10,167 views.
Baltic by xxRapeKxx
Aaaaand more wallpapers and stuff are coming.
See you soon ;)

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Long time no see dA. Again, some of my wallpapers were featured in Linux Mint - this time in 17.2 Rafaela:happybounce: 
Featured wallpapers:
Pearl by xxRapeKxx
Baltic by xxRapeKxx  Hiding by xxRapeKxx  Horizon by xxRapeKxx
Deeper by xxRapeKxx  Sweets by xxRapeKxx   

I'll post some new wallpapers soon, but let's start with this one :)
Vistula by xxRapeKxx
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Cool,for a one day,but still cool :D (I need my own, normal premium..)
So let's see my poll :D  
And also - see these 
Alan Wake - Try to wake up by xxRapeKxx Radical Sunrise by xxRapeKxx The Republic by xxRapeKxx
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Most of my hardware problems are gone so I'm back :P :happybounce: Reborn,lol. La la la la 
Reborn (small) by xxRapeKxx
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I hope 2014 will be better.. :happybounce:  Happy New Year all! :HappyNewYear: 

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Christmas soon. I really like this time..unless i have problems with graphic card.. >_<
So now i can't do anything productive on my pc. Most pissing me off thing -  the new graphic card  which
i want to buy should be available in end of november.. SHOULD BE! 
I should be lucky now if it will be available on a half of january! Fuck you manufacturer -,-

Hope You all have not any hardware problems now :D Merry Christmas! Santa :la: 

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Someone has now really bad november? Like me now? God.. i feel so powerless..
Anyway, 6 of my minimal wallpapers are featured in Linux Mint 16 :D
There is official Linux Mint website ;)
And those you can find in new Linux Mint:
GS1 by xxRapeKxx Fresh by xxRapeKxx Dawn by xxRapeKxx
Winter by xxRapeKxx Hope by xxRapeKxx Grass by xxRapeKxx
Btw new wallpapers :P
Watching by xxRapeKxx Lost island by xxRapeKxx
Next things:… and ;)
As i said someday, i'll post there things for "activity" ? Which one (i hope) will change someday in professional graphic studio.. (yea.. right..)
Design of retrolifted webiste was done also (it's done for long time but..) , i'll post there the preview of it soon.
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Yea, I reached in last few days 10k pageviews and 100 watchers! :D Maybe it's nothing but it's important for me.
So thank You all for those 10k and i hope You liked some of my stuff. ;)
In next few days i'll add some new minimal wallpapers for celebrate.. and maybe abstract art?
For my website.. name is chosen..but i'll probably change it agian :D If someone has idea for name of  grahpic studio - call me :>
Peace. ;)
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Step by step, but I'm closer to the finish of my website design. Actually I need to choose menu style and (finaly) the name.. :o
Also, I added some new sizes and versions (crystallized) in another old packs: :la:
Hope by xxRapeKxx Baltic by xxRapeKxx Breeze by xxRapeKxx Pearl by xxRapeKxx
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September ended. It's getting more and more cold and I trying to make a design of my website. I'll show the project when it gonna be ready. ;)
Actually, for my new activity (or should i say - new speciality) I'll make another account - for more proffesional graphic designs.La la la la
Also , I did the little changes in some wallpapers,added new sizes or versions.
And here they are Meow :3
Volcano by xxRapeKxx Flow by xxRapeKxx Baloon by xxRapeKxx
Lumi by xxRapeKxx Kat by xxRapeKxx Grass S [RECONSTRUCTION] by xxRapeKxx
Greets. :D
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  • Drinking: Tea,lot&#039;s of tea..
After another days of doing nothing,time finaly to clean my gallery,so - some stuff can disappear.
Now i want to start something more serious than wallpapers,we'll see.
Also, check out those cool artists, i really love their drawings and they deserve for more views   :D  :iconwernope: :iconbakaruru:
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Mission accomplished,exams passed..and now (finally) I have motivation to do something! Soon I will show you  effects of this motivation..
Btw,new wallpapers,and for the record - old ones. ;)
Fresh by xxRapeKxx Flamer by xxRapeKxx
Hiding by xxRapeKxx Horizon by xxRapeKxx

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One more left - English. After that, I can rest in peace.. or.. I will do something creative?
Anyway - "hello May" series
Amnestia by xxRapeKxx Road to Dreams by xxRapeKxx Grass S [RECONSTRUCTION] by xxRapeKxx
And also new wallpapers are coming,preview's here
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Yup,tomorrow are starting big exams..(Matura)
Good luck to all who will write them in this year!

Anyway,new stuff o,o
Road to by xxRapeKxx Hello May by xxRapeKxx
Prophet by xxRapeKxx
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  • Playing: Mirror&#039;s Edge
Snow,cold and wild teachers. I love it..
Anyway I'm trying to make a new abstract (here's preview ) I hope it will be better than my last things

See also my last minimal stuff ;)
Grain by xxRapeKxx Throw by xxRapeKxx Lumi by xxRapeKxx
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  • Playing: DMC
Thx everyone for that 5k. ;)
I hope that, although the one thing I did was cool..

See also new stuff :o
Watermelon by xxRapeKxx Deeper 2 by xxRapeKxx Kat by xxRapeKxx There It Is by xxRapeKxx
..and btw,new abstract is coming,preview's here
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Well,from now,Blur wallpaper packs probably will be placed periodically,monthly I think..
Check out these:
C2 by xxRapeKxx Baltic by xxRapeKxx
Pearl by xxRapeKxx Spice by xxRapeKxx
Rest of blur packs…

For Halloween will be something new,abstract art..and maybe something more.
See also:
Only Sad? by xxRapeKxx To Nowhere... by xxRapeKxx
Green Up by xxRapeKxx Bring It! by xxRapeKxx
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So yes, I  joined to tumblr. :o
And there will be posted more misc stuff,progress of projects..and who knows what more.. o,o

Also check out new abstracts    Enchanted by xxRapeKxx Golden Flare by xxRapeKxx Nebu by xxRapeKxx

peace. :D
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